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Workshop A3: Sexual Health Communication Among Women of Faith: A Discussion for Holistic Health in Congregations

The objectives of this workshop are to explore sexual health holistically and within the faith community context, understand how faith, personal values and attitudes can affect the ability of women to communicate on sexual health matters.


Workshop B1: A Better You: Medicare Workshop. Fuel your mind, body and spirit

During this dynamic presentation, Ms. Tolbert explains the nuts and bolts of Medicare and Ms. Shepherd shares tips for health and longevity! Join us for an engaging and informative session aimed at repositioning healthcare conversations.


Workshop B2: Community Outreach in Action: How to Improve Your Community Outreach to Low Income Individuals

Attendees of this workshop will understand how Community Outreach in Action partners with the local church to meet the growing demands of less fortunate, learn strategies to provide clothing, household and other items essential for one’s well-being.


Workshop B3: Staying Media Woke: Understanding How Media Shifts Core Beliefs About Healthy Living

No one wants to believe that they are influenced by media, but the truth is that media intentionally aims to change our decisions, our core values and even our beliefs. This session will equip people of faith to “stay woke” to media influence and use proven tools to protect our bodies and our beliefs.


Workshop B4: Faith Communities Take On Pre-diabetes: Lessons Learned from National Organizations

This presentation will discuss the burden of pre-diabetes, the National DPP, best and practices for faith communities in scaling and sustaining the National DPP, and what your organization can do to stem the tide of prediabetes.


Workshop C4: Diversity & Community-Based Participatory Research: Past, Present & Future…Being Our Best Advocates

This workshop provides valuable lessons on how we can become our best advocates in the fight against cardiovascular disease and gain an understanding of how to build partnerships between researchers, health providers, and community members and ultimately improve our overall health.