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Institute A1: Session A – For Pastor’s & Ministers Only: Becoming A Healthy Pastor!

An interactive, in-depth look at the life of a Pastor. This session provides spiritual, emotional, and physical tools for overcoming the challenges of your calling and building a ministry of healing and wholeness for your congregation and community.


Institute A2: Session B – Tools for Establishing an Effective Health Ministry

This interactive session will provide participants with practical tools and guidance on how to develop and sustain an effective, successful Health Ministry.  This session will provide hands-on learning and tools for the following topics: Strategic and Work Plan Development, Capacity Building, and more!


Institute A3: Session C – Analyzing Data in Program Evaluation:  Now That We Have the Data, What’s Next?

Most of us struggle to develop forms or records and collect surveys to determine how many attended our programs and whether they liked it.....but then what?  This interactive workshop will focus on how to make the most of data you collect.


Institute B1: Session A – Teaching Women How To Heal! (Women Only)

Joy, sorrow, laughter, mourning, shouting, groaning, happy, sad, abundance, lack, comfort and pain IS the one central element of being a woman. This session is for women only who are willing to risk a non-judgmental, exploration of all of these elements within themselves to heal and learn how to help other sisters.


Institute B3: Session C – Fundamentals of Grant Writing for Faith-Based Health Programs, Including Obtaining a 5013©

The goal of this session will be to provide a clear and distinct description of the necessary areas of need in proposal writing, criteria, and program structure. The fundamentals of the process for obtaining your organizations will be provided along with an overview of the necessary requirements and forms.


Institute B4: Session D – Current Trends in Faith-Based Research

Low participatory rates of African-Americans in research remain a dilemma and are deeply rooted in historical mistrust. This session is directed to those who concurrently serve as members of the faith and scientific community and is currently involved in faith-based research.